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  1. What does IELab do?

    The IELab produces an multi-region input-output (MRIO) table with satellite extensions (e.g. environmental or social data). It does this by solving the constrained optimisation problem presented by...

  2. Frequently Asked Questions about IOA

    What is environmental Input-Output Analysis (IOA)?Input-Output Analysis (or short "IOA") is a method that tracks all financial transactions between industrial sectors and consumers within an...

  3. Where do I go for documentation?

    Documentation can be found in HUBzero's documentation page.

  4. Why is Hispanic / Latino not a racial background choice?

    According to U.S. government guidelines, ethnic heritage and racial background are to be separate, distinct questions and responses. "Ethnic Heritage" defines membership in cultural groups such as...

  5. Group Guidelines & Tips

    Ultimately it is the Admins that decide what the rules are for their group, but if you have been made a manager of a group, here are some suggestions for keeping your group happy:Manager...

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  1. Global MRIO Table Timeseries

    20 Jul 2021 | Contributor(s):: Jacob Fry, Thomas Wiedmann

    This resource contains global multi-regional input-output tables (MRIOs), built using the IELab infrastructure. The MRIO covers the timeseries 2009-2015. For each year, the model contains table for each margin layer: Basic prices, Trade margin, Transport margin, Taxes margin, Subsidies. The...

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