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This resource contains global multi-regional input-output tables (MRIOs), built using the IELab infrastructure. The MRIO covers the timeseries 2009-2015. For each year, the model contains table for each margin layer: Basic prices, Trade margin, Transport margin, Taxes margin, Subsidies. The model resolution is 164 world regions at 25 sectors. Detailed region and industry labels are packaged with the model. This model is made available under a creative commons attribution non-commercial license (

Please cite the following publications if you use this dataset for your work:

Lenzen, M., Geschke, A., Wiedmann, T., Lane, J., Anderson, N., Baynes, T., Boland, J., Daniels, P., Dey, C., Fry, J., Hadjikakou, M., Kenway, S., Malik, A., Moran, D., Murray, J., Nettleton, S., Poruschi, L., Reynolds, C., Rowley, H., Ugon, J., Webb, D. and West, J. (2014) Compiling and using input–output frameworks through collaborative virtual laboratories. Science of The Total Environment, 485–486, 241-251.
Lenzen, M., Geschke, A., Abd Rahman, M. D., Xiao, Y., Fry, J., Reyes, R., Dietzenbacher, E., Inomata, S., Kanemoto, K., Los, B., Moran, D., Schulte in den Bäumen, H., Tukker, A., Walmsley, T., Wiedmann, T., Wood, R. and Yamano, N. (2017) The Global MRIO Lab – charting the world economy. Economic Systems Research, 29(2), 158-186.

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  • Jacob Fry; Thomas Wiedmann (2021), "Global MRIO Table Timeseries,"

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