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  1. IELab_presentation_to_Productivity_Commission_2014

    19 Feb 2019

  2. IELab_expert_user_login_guide

    19 Feb 2019

    Guide for how to log in as an expert user into the IELab server to access the expert user GUI. 

  3. NeCTARIELab_ALL_ALL_ALANGProxyLibrary

    19 Feb 2019

    This file defines elements of Alang commands and is automatically read in the Base Table creation process. Therefore, please DO NOT OVERWRITE OR CHANGE THIS FILE. If you have changes for this file please email an updated version to the Industrial Ecology Support Team <>....

  4. Index to IELab Documents - Datafeeds and Base Table Creation

    19 Feb 2019

  5. 20130808_Word2ALANG_Manual

    19 Feb 2019

  6. Production by Layer Area Graph: Broadway Precinct Example

    19 Feb 2019

  7. Australian Greenhouse Emissions: National Greenhouse Gas Inventory (NGGI) 1990-2016 (2019)

    19 Feb 2019 | datasets

  8. Heat Maps

    19 Feb 2019 | Teaching Materials

     This document outlines the different features of heat maps, generated after starting a run using the ‘CreateBaseTable’ GUI on the cloud as of 14 August 2013.