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Australian State & Territory MRIO Table Timeseries



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This resource contains subnational multi-regional input-output tables (MRIOs) for Australia, built using the IELab infrastructure. The model resolution is 8 sub-regions (Australian states and territories) at 25 sectors. The tables cover the timeseries 2009-2018. For each year, the model contains table for each margin layer: Basic prices, Trade margin, Transport margin, Taxes margin, Subsidies. Use of this model is governed by a creative commons attribution non-commercial license (

Please cite the following publications if you use this dataset for your work:

Lenzen, M., Geschke, A., Wiedmann, T., Lane, J., Anderson, N., Baynes, T., Boland, J., Daniels, P., Dey, C., Fry, J., Hadjikakou, M., Kenway, S., Malik, A., Moran, D., Murray, J., Nettleton, S., Poruschi, L., Reynolds, C., Rowley, H., Ugon, J., Webb, D. and West, J. (2014) Compiling and using input–output frameworks through collaborative virtual laboratories. Science of The Total Environment, 485–486, 241-251.
Lenzen, M., Geschke, A., Malik, A., Fry, J., Lane, J., Wiedmann, T., Kenway, S., Hoang, K. and Cadogan-Cowper, A. (2017) New multi-regional input–output databases for Australia – enabling timely and flexible regional analysis. Economic Systems Research, 29(2), 275-295., see also

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  • Jacob Fry; Thomas Wiedmann (2021), "Australian State & Territory MRIO Table Timeseries,"

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