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IELab Taiwan

The University of Sydney in Australia and the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan develop the TaiwanLab capable of constructing detailed sub-national MRIO tables for the period 1990- 2016. The TaiwanLab is a virtual laboratory built in a cloud-computing environment similar to the ones hosting the Australian IELab. As with other virtual laboratories, the TaiwanLab supports remote access, harmonized data storage, automatic data processing, and flexible regional and sectoral classifications. Lab users are able to access, update or integrate a number of data sources, and choose their preferred regional and sectoral classifications, to suit their specific case studies.

The TaiwanLab is built at high regional and sectoral detail, generating a time-series of MRIO tables consisting of 22 city-counties and 267 economic sectors. Because of this unsurpassed detail, the TaiwanLab is able to provide a comprehensive picture of Taiwan’s regional economic structure, including regional economic distribution, sectoral contribution, and inter-regional supply-chain flow.

Currently, the Taiwan MRIO database is used to reveal the value-added impacts resulting from four selected natural disasters (the 1999 Chichi earthquake, the 2009 typhoon Morakot, the 2016 Tainan earthquake, and the 2016 typhoon Megi) and able to identify critical economic sectors in regions of high vulnerability to natural disasters.

For more details contact ISA at the University of Sydney.