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IELab Japan

Japan Industrial Ecology Laboratory (IELab) is highly flexible in terms of its sectoral and regional resolution, which enables the user to build customized Japanese MRIO tables in accordance with the user’s specific objectives. With the IELab, the users can freely select cities, sectors and years from 1,894 municipalities and 4,266 sectors. It embeds over 145 types of statistical information on regional economic activities, including input-output tables at the prefecture and city level.

For more information on the Japan IELab see: Wakiyama, T., Lenzen, M., Geschke, A., Bamba, R., Nansai, K. (2020). A flexible multiregional input–output database for city-level sustainability footprint analysis in Japan. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 154. DOI:

For more details contact ISA at the University of Sydney.