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Global MRIO Lab

The Global MRIO Lab further develops the concepts of the Australian IELab in order to allow for the IELab infrastructure to be applied to a global setting. The key innovations of the Global MRIO Lab are:

  1. Global geographical coverage. The Global MRIO Lab will cover the entire world, allowing for the inclusion of any given MRIO data source that is available for any geographical region of the world.
  2. Integration of Eora, EXIOBASE, and WIOD data. The Global MRIO Lab will include all data sources and data classifications that were used during the construction of the global MRIO databases Eora, EXIOBASE and WIOD. Hence, the Global MRIO Lab will offer researchers the possibility to compile these three main global MRIO databases through the IELab web interface. Additionally, the Global MRIO Lab will allow researchers to combine classifications and data sources of these three databases as desired, and construct global MRIO databases that reflect specific aspects of each of these three global MRIO databases. Further, the Global MRIO Lab will allow for a completion and continuation of time series for EXIOBASE and WIOD databases.

For more information on the Global MRIO Lab see: Lenzen, M., Geschke, A., Abd Rahman, M. D., Xiao, Y., Fry, J., Reyes, R., Dietzenbacher, E., Inomata, S., Kanemoto, K., Los, B., Moran, D., Schulte in den Bäumen, H., Tukker, A., Walmsley, T., Wiedmann, T., Wood, R. and Yamano, N. (2017) The Global MRIO Lab – charting the world economy. Economic Systems Research, 29, 158-186.

For more details contact ISA at the University of Sydney.