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The GLORIA model (Global Resource Input-Output Assessment) is a multi-regional input-output database that was built by the University of Sydney using the IELab infrastructure for the UN International Resource Panel (UN IRP) in the context of the update of the material footprint accounts forming part of the UN IRP Material Flows Database. To use synergies between different UNEP initiatives it was decided to use GLORIA also as underlying MRIO model for the Sustainable Consumption and Production Hotspots Analysis Tool (SCP-HAT). The technical documentation outlines the construction approach for the MRIO table, lists the source data sets that were used, the quality checks that were performed, and holds additional, method- and data-specific information about the construction process.

The GLORIA MRIO database now includes not only the material footprint, but a wide range of other environmental, economic and social indicators. All data are available for download here.