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IELab Taiwan

Due to its geographic location, Taiwan frequently experiences severe natural disasters earthquakes and typhoons that significantly interrupt business operations and subsequently cause extensive financial losses. Prior works on economic losses resulting from such natural disasters in Taiwan have not considered regional and sectoral spill-over effects. In this study, we reveal the value-added impacts resulting from four selected natural disasters: the 1999 Chichi earthquake, the 2016 Tainan earthquake, the 2009 typhoon Morakot, and the 2016 typhoon Megi. We conduct our assessment in the new TaiwanLab, a collaborative virtual laboratory that is capable of generating a time-series of sub-national multi-region input-output (MRIO) tables, capturing inter-regional transactions between 267 sectors across Taiwan’s 22 city-counties. Using the TaiwanLab, we are able to identify critical economic sectors in regions of high vulnerability to natural disasters. Our assessment provides a credible reference to decision-making in determining regional and sectoral prioritisation for damage prevention and economic recovery plans.

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