IELab is a collaborative project and as such there is no designated owner or fixed team. The platform was originally developed by researchers from nine collaborating institutions:


University of Sydney 

University of New South Wales
University of South Australia
Griffith University, Brisbane
University of Queensland
Federation University Australia
University of Melbourne
CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Canberra

It was funded under the NeCTAR scheme. NeCTAR is an Australian Government project conducted as part of the Super Science initiative and financed by the Education Investment Fund (2009-2013).

 The IELab project is governed by a Steering Committee (SC), which includes representatives from the founding members as well as the ABS and other project partners. Representatives are invited to attend meetings in an ex-officio capacity. The SC makes a continuous effort to consult and engage the broader research and user community. A Technical Advisory Group (TAG), comprised of experts from eResearch and Industrial Ecology projects, advises the SC in technical and strategic questions. The Management Team (MT) overseas the day-to-day operation of the infrastructure and suggests a future development agenda to the SC.

Contact us for any questions regarding the operation and use of the IELab.