• Build and modify advanced input-output models
    • Use sophisticated analytical tools for environmental footprint and supply chain analyses
    • Collaborate with leading experts on cutting-edge projects

The Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory (IELab) is a collaborative platform for multi-region input-output modelling and research. Flexible and scalable, IELab is designed to process and analyse economic, environmental and social data from any sector, country or region. It provides high-resolution, time series creation, automated updating, hybridisation and analytical tools.

Organisations, researchers and practitioners collaborate in the IELab to build and modify their own customised input-output analytics in fields such as regional and environmental economic modelling, life-cycle assessment, environmental footprinting, triple bottom line and supply chain analysis. The outputs from IELab's analytical tools can be used in sustainability assessments, reports and publications.

There are two main web portals supporting the IELab: The IELab Hub is this website, it is where the IELab community exchanges information on projects, partners and events. It contains all high-level information about the IELab. To access the data of the IELab you go to the IELab Portal . This will lead you to the actual number cruncher website where you can build your own MRIO data or undertake analyses.

IELab Hub

  • Enter the IELab Hub
  • Explore projects and publications
  • Collaborate with partners

IELab Portal

  • Enter the Virtual Laboratory
  • Create your own MRIO
  • Use IELab's Analytical Toolbox